Camille Nims Lamoureux took up photography in 2000 as a way to rejoin the world outside of the office after a decade-long career as a software engineer. Like most people she had been going through her days routinely ignoring the vast majority of the visual input she received. Once she decided to stop and really look at the world around her, she was often astounded by the wonders she had been passing by.

Camille turned her passion into a photography business, Nims Images, and travels the world to follow her vision in the hopes of sharing her awe in the visual treasures she witnesses. She has photographed on six continents as well as every corner of the U.S. Currently based in California, Camille sells her fine art prints in galleries and licenses stock images via her website and Adobe Stock. Her work is part of public and private collections around the world. Her recent awards include the Showcase Competition of the North American Nature Photography Association, the Nature's Best Photography Magazine's Nature's Best Backyards Contest, the U.S. Botanic Garden "Power of Plants" Photography Contest and others. She is an active long-time member of the North American Nature Photography Association.
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